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The Patricia radish is long rather than round

Last night I walked down to the garden and saw some lovely rosey-pink radish crowns sticking up out of the ground. Only 25 days from seed to maturity, and these little guys were ready to harvest. I planted the seeds on March 18, so they were really ready to be picked. There are more to be picked from this planting, and I did a second planting on March 29, so I should have more in another week or so. Succession planting is something I did with the beets as well, so that I can enjoy a few harvests of the same crop at different times.

This photo was taken March 31, almost 2 weeks after the first planting. I found it helpful to mark the planting date on the identification stick to know when to harvest.

While I was down at the garden, one of my garden neighbors was also harvesting radishes. He grew a white radish, and suggested we do a little trade, which was fun. Next year I may try this variety, a white icicle. It has a different flavor, not as mild as my radish.

A white icicle radish is mildly pungent

Tomorrow we have a community garden workday scheduled to lay down mulch on the paths around the new beds. There are lots of things growing and excitement about the garden! There is lettuce, mustard greens, kale, cabbage, peas, beets, garlic, broccoli, swiss chard. We’ve all noticed that the warmer temperatures this spring have affected things. Some of us cannot get spinach to grow, even after planting seeds more than once. It must prefer a cooler spring.

Early spring in the community garden


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