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It’s hard to believe, but in one month, it will be time to start planting early Spring vegetables. In the frozen stillness of the morning, warm weather seems so far away. But even in this 23 degree weather, there are a few things still growing…


The rosemary is still going strong. I stroked its leaves with my gloves and it left it’s lovely scent.


I have soft-neck garlic growing in my plot. I had lots of success with garlic last year, and planted more this year. I’m looking forward to a good Spring harvest and all the garlicy goodness.

So, what’s on the planting list for this Spring? Here’s what I’m thinking so far, with their planting dates:

  • Peas: March 1
  • Spinach: March 1
  • Radishes: March 10
  • Brussels sprouts: March 10
  • Onions: March 10
  • Carrots: March 20
  • Broccoli: March 20
  • Kale: March 20
  • Lettuce: March 25

Some of these will be new for me to try. I’ve been excited, in particular, about growing the Brussels sprouts, because I think the plant is so beautiful and unusual. Below is a photo of my garden neighbor’s Brussels sprouts from last year:


So, hurry Spring! I can’t wait for you to get here!


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