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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, back when there was snow on the ground. Much has been happening in the garden since then! On a nice day in early March, I got out the shovel, went down to the garden to loosen the soil, and added new material from our compost bins. (Love those compost bins!) Then on March 10, I planted snow peas and spinach:


Weeks went by and I saw absolutely nothing come up out of the ground, not even the slightest little hint of green. I grew concerned that I may have started things too early, because we had some very cold temperatures and flurries during that time. So I planted another row of snow peas and more spinach. Then as you might have guessed, here is what popped up from that first planting:


I was very excited to finally see those little pea buds! I went to work on making a simple trellis of wood and twine. Since I will now have TWO rows of snow peas, I’ll install the other trellis soon for that second harvest. (Good thing these are inexpensive to make.) By the way, the second planting popped up much more quickly than the first, in just two weeks! (Although just a teeny bit of green is peeking up right now.) The plants are expected to get 28″ and the trellis is about 34″ tall:


I guess the lesson learned about not thinking that first planting would come up is: 1.) I need to practice more PATIENCE and 2.) That’s probably why they call them SNOW peas. Duh! Oh, and the spinach is fine, too. So I will have two harvests of that as well.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the garden, the garlic I planted in the fall is coming along nicely. This variety of garlic, soft-neck, does not grow scapes like the hard-neck variety. I grew some of the soft-neck last year (see photos here) and loved it:


And, some really great news! One of my four strawberry plants survived the deer attack of last summer (see that post here). The other three strawberry plants were mowed to the ground by Bambi and friends, but this one survivor hung on and will hopefully produce this year. I will have to devise a way to make it deer-proof.


Finally, I’ve decided to try growing broccoli. I cheated and bought two little starter plants, and we’ll see how it goes! From seed, I’ve also planted kale, Swiss chard, onions, beets, and lettuce. I’m so excited spring is finally here! YAY!



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