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Beans (left) and strawberries (right) were casualties of the deer.

All right, Bambi, I know it was you…and you’re in big trouble! Sunday night, I went down to the garden to pick some beets for dinner, and was horrified to discover the leaves on all my strawberry plants were gone. It looked like someone had mowed them down with a weed-wacker. The beans got it too, even though I managed to salvage some of them (shown on the left, the beans are “Royalty Purple Pod” and yes, they are purple, but turn green when cooked.) It seems deer also like tomato plants, because one of mine had the top eaten off.

How to get rid of deer? I’ve heard of some crazy solutions, such as sprinkling human hair around the garden, or shaved bars of Irish Spring soap. Any other ideas? If so let me know!

Oh deer! A tomato plant got eaten, too!

The evidence!


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