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Mung bean microgreens

Just as the summer gardening season ended, I stumbled upon a fabulous book at the library, Microgreens: How to Grow Nature’s Own Superfood. I had never tried growing microgreens, although I had successfully grown sprouts using a hemp bag. Growing sprouts made me nervous though, because they require moist, dark conditions where there is a potential for mold to develop. To prevent mold, most instructions will suggest soaking the sprout seeds in a bleach solution. (Yuck, no way!)

Microgreens are not the same as sprouts, and the key difference is that microgreens are grown in soil, or a soil substitute such as pumice. After a brief germination period (under a damp paper towel), microgreens are grown in the light. Because they have been grown in the light, they have a much higher concentration of health-promoting phytochemicals than sprouts.

I planted some mung beans, purchased very inexpensively in the bulk food section at Whole Foods Market, and got the gorgeous microgreens pictured above. You can literally go from harvest to plate in seconds with just a snip, snip of a pair of scissors. These were yummy on a salad.

Other microgreens that might be good to try: beet, broccoli, flax, kale, peas, radish.


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